Web Design Trends in 2018

Web Design Trends in 2018

What is web designing?

There is a number of skills required while creating and maintaining a website. Web designing encompasses authoring the web content, interface design, user experience web design and SEO or Search engine optimization. Web designing is the process to conceptualize, plan and build a collection of files that will eventually determine colors, layout, graphics, text styles, images, and features that are interactive for your website pages.

It is always a boon to understand the market and to know what is in trend at present but it definitely is wise to know what will be in trend for the future so that we can put them to practice.

We will be discussing the top trends in web designing in the year 2018

1. Photographic content which is minimalistic, bold and bright

Photographic content will be engaging even though minimalistic will never be out of fashion. Fonts would be large, bold, bright and colorful.

The one thing that will stand out will be photos of people of color and different races. We will find more pictures of strong women. People will not accept photos with white faces anymore.

2. Web designs getting more sophisticated

No doubt 2017 has shown us very polished web designs but this trend will grow and we will get aesthetically improved web designs as most probably the aesthetics which are high end and not affordable for developers will be cheaper now. We can predict more refined web designs in 2018.

3. Content will be interactive

Consumers love to be a part of the process and will obviously like entertaining and personalized experiences. We will see an increase in quizzes, surveys, and games which can give them an interactive experience. Instead of people searching for information on the net about a particular product there will be creative and challenging questions regarding this and they will be given answers for them to choose.

4. Animations and Illustrations

Illustrators will be in great demand by the companies as they will want unique styles in illustrations. Logos will be trending in 2018 and will become more animated. This will make the websites more interesting and be engaging for the consumer.

There will be a lot of research and interviews so that the designers fully understand the need for the end users. After doing this the designer can create the perfect tone, language, the visuals, and the company message. Once decided and designed these should be consistent. Consistency brings loyalty.

Gradients and typography will be used abundantly. More fluid shapes will be used with predominantly shapes and shadows.