SEO Company Ernakulum

SEO Company Ernakulum

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. The marketing channels for most of the companies are digital these days so SEO has become very important for them.

Search Engine Optimization is the way of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through search engine results that are organic.

We can elaborate on that:

Quality: You can attract numerous visitors but if they are visiting your site which is not helpful for them like if they are looking for a certain product when you are not even dealing with that remotely will not be quality traffic.

Quantity: When the right visitors are visiting your website then aiming for more visitors is alright.

Organic results: Organic results are traffic which we don’t have to make any payments for. This can be done by advertisements that create enhancements to your websites.

How SEO works?

When you search for any keyword on any search engine like Google you get a long list of answers or search results which can go up to many pages. Have you ever wondered how this happens? This is done by Google spiders or crawlers. These crawlers crawl through the entire internet searching for the keyword entered and then an index is created. What are spiders or crawlers? Spiders or crawlers are nothing but complex mathematical formula known as the algorithm used by the search engine. The essential part of the process is getting the top places in the result or at least getting a place on the first page.

There are algorithms again to figure out which sites should be at the top for the information people are looking for. Every company wants to be on top of the search results as people don’t have patience, time or energy these days to look beyond the first or the second page. They have options galore. SEO becomes necessary here so that the transaction cost of the consumer can be reduced and quality of traffic and quantity of the traffic can be increased.

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