SEO and Artificial Intelligence

SEO and Artificial Intelligence

In the new era of digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence plays vital role in improving sales and marketing. In SEO filed, AI will have significant impact on search engine ranking especially Google ranking. It’s the time for SEO Companies to include AI in SEO strategies. First let’s overview some basics of SEO and AI.

What is SEO?

SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization that practically increases the quantity as well as the quality of the traffic to your website by means of organic search engine results. In order to understand SEO in a more realistic way, you need to go through the following.
Quality of traffic: Attracts people to peep into your website to collect some basic information that they need in a genuine way.
Quantity of traffic: Once you start finding the right people visiting your website then you will be generated with more traffic.
Organic result: Organic traffic is available absolutely for free. This could be achieved through ads that make your website more enhanced.

How SEO works

You might be using the search engine like, Google to answer most of your questions. But have you ever wondered how it could generate a huge list of answers to your questions? Basically, Google uses crawler that will go beyond to collect the information through the internet. Once the search has been completed, then the crawler will bring all the 0s and 1s back to build an index to the search engine. Then the index is passed through an algorithm that will try to match all your queries.

Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence that could be achieved by machines like computers. This includes learning, reasoning as well as self-corrections. They are generally three different types of artificial intelligence is available.

• Artificial Narrow Intelligence: This is mainly designed to achieve one particular thing.
• Artificial General Intelligence: This type of artificial intelligence is can easily perform any sort of works similar to human beings.
• Artificial Super intelligence: It has the capability beyond single human being and can perform the high level of things.

How artificial intelligence works in SEO

Below are the strategies that will help you to know how Artificial Intelligence can work in SEO.

• Artificial intelligence optimizes your keywords.
• It uses the concept of cluster and predictive analysis,
• Completely focused on the power of customer reviews.
• The artificial intelligence powered chat bots in order to attract customers.